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The exhibition is always helping you know more about the Country & market and get more friends. So far as I know, our high-quality sputtering target is the medium to connect customers and friendship keeps partners walking together longer . C-Touch at Shen
UVTM is the exhibitor every year, and you will find we are busy with customers from the World at booth E1-251. It is an honor to be the VIP sponsor of the China Glass magazine this year.
UVTM had attend the SVC, which has a new venue and Symposium topic will encompass a broad range of commercially relevent issues and technologies. SVC offer an industry-leading technical exhibition, abundant networking opportunities, with an extensive educ
2019 SVC TechCon Exhibit
Long Beach Convention Center
Long Beach, California, USA

Exhibit Dates
Tuesday, April 30   11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Wednesday, May 1   10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
UVTM booth: 531
UVTM held the vacuum socity meeting on 22th Feb, people in this sociaty are mainly from Guangzhou Province.
UVTM has made a total investment of more than 300 million yuan in two phases in 2018 in order to achieve localization of high-performance targets, build national brands, and accelerate the upgrading of target industries. Newly built 200 tons/year of ITO H
The newly added three spraying lines were independently developed, assembled and commissioned by UVTM team. The new production line not only can Improve the quality of the products, but also can be more energy efficiency and more efficient. This means tha
Lots of customers visited and have high interest in ITO sputtering target, which is our new product. We beileve next year market will be a huge increase, since Flexible display and 5G of mobile phone  Times coming.
C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN will be held on November 22-24, 2018 at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre. C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN is a profoundly influential and large scale professional exhibition in the touchscreen industry.
We produce and sell sputtering targets, mainly rotary and some planar , such as :Si, SiAl, TiOx, Ti, Nb, NbOx, Al, Ag, Ni, NiCr, Cr, ZnSn, ZnAl, Sn, Zr, ZrOx, ITO, NbZr, SiZr, Cu etc.