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C-Touch exhibition sucessfully holded

The Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Halls 1, 2 and 9 are fully occupied,
 attracting nearly 1,000 well-known brands from domestic and abroad, 
60,000 square meters of booths, ITO, nano silver, metal grid and other conductive materials,
 3C, car, conference , medical, industrial control and other touch display applications,
 wet process, fit, binding, inspection and other equipment are scattered. 
The main channel audiences were screaming and busy. 
Exhibitors said: "The enthusiasm of the audience on the last day of the exhibition is still high, 
and the industry colleagues are generally bullish on next year's market."

Same happen to UVTM booth, lots of customers visited and have high interest in ITO, 
which is our new product. We beileve next year market will be a huge increase,
 since Flexible display and 5G of mobile phone Times coming.