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UVTM has a high education team of R&D, we are always doing research according to customer requirement. As rotay targets have higher efficiency then planar targets, many factory are changing their machines. For NiCr target, we were making planar, but now,
UVTM factory, we have 5 spray rooms and lines from Germany, Japan.
We cam make high quality SiAl, TiOx, NiCr, NbOx, Cr, Nb, ZrOx, ZnAl, ZnSn,Ag, TiAl, Cu, Al etc targets. welcome to contact us
To make solar a viable energy option we need to bring down the cost of cells per Watt,The use of rotating magnetrons for thin film deposition is playing a major role in achieving this goal.
When you see the glass behind, you know they are Low-E glass,with beatiful colors and can function as it should be.
UVTM attended the MIR STEKLA exhibition in Russia, meet with glass companies that have coating lines.
At the end of May, 2017, UVTM celebrated the two new lines sucessfully working. One is Hot Plasma Spray line from Germany and The other one is Cold Plasma Spray line from Japan. After testing, sputtering targets data are shows good parameters, and custome
SVC USA 2017, held at Rhode Island this year, begin from May1st to 4th, it is the 60th, which is hold every year.
It is our first time to attend the show, but will plan to attend every year.
UVTM can support products by cold lines. metal and metal alloy material with low milting point can be produced by this line.
UVTM will service customers better with new processing lines from Japan and Germany. Currently we have 4 lines together.
Happy Women's Day to all Female Emplyee in UVTM.
We are not only makeing sputtering targets, we also make friends.