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Optical Coating

Optical coatings are commonly found in everyday items from sunglasses, eyeglasses to vehicle headlights, mirrors, windows, optical filters for laser technology. 
An optical coating is composed of a combination of thin film layers that create interference effects used to enhance transmission or reflection properties within an optical system. The performance of an optical coating is dependent upon the number of layers, the thickness of the individual layers and the refractive index difference at the layer interfaces. The most common types of coatings used on precision optics are: Anti-Reflection (AR) Coatings, High Reflective (Mirror) Coatings, Beamsplitter coatings, and Filter coatings. 

Anti-reflection coatings are included on most refractive optics and are used to maximize throughput and reduce ghosting. 
High Reflective coatings are designed to maximize reflectance at either a single wavelength or across a broad range of wavelengths. 
Beamsplitter coatings are used to divide incident light into known transmitted and reflected light outputs. 
Filter coatings are found in a large number of industry applications and are used to transmit, reflect, absorb, or attenuate light at specific wavelengths. 

UVTM focus on the market needs and activityly cooperate with customers for innovation,had successfully developed 10mm unilateral thickness totary NbOx target and break the routine thickness of the ceramic target. UVTM target enjoy high purity, fine crystal grain size, full density. 

Typical Materials:
Ag            Silver
Al              Aluminum
AZO         Alumina Doped Zinc Oxide
Cr             Chromium
Ge            Germanium
ITO            Tin Doped Indium Oxide
Nb             Niobium
NbOx        Niobium Oxide
Si              PureSilicon
SiAl           Aluminum Doped Silicon
SiO2         Silicon Dioxide
Sn              Tin
SnZn          Tin Zinc
SS             Stainless Steel
Ta              Tantalum
TaNb          Tantalum Niobium
TiOx            Titanium Oxide
Zn                Zinc

ZnAl            Aluminum Doped Zinc

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