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Large Area Glass Coating

Over the years, the demands on glass have changed, from simple protection to design and comfort and then to high-performance functional elements with sophisticated optoelectronic coatings, dedicated to energy efficiency, optical appearance and a comfortable life style. As a leading technology partner for thin-film coatings, UVTM develops and manufactures sputtering targets for a broad range of applications.
If you are looking for sputtering targets to improve your physical vapor deposition(PVD) coating process for low-E glass,Anti-reflective glass or Solar control glass, UVTM is the right partner for you. 

Production methods used are casting, powder metallurgy,Hot Plasma spray(HPS),Cold Plasma spray(CPS) and bonding. UVTM can make sputtering targets according to customer requirements from almost the key pure metals, as well as popular alloys and ceramics, in the shape of planar and rotatable, which length can up to 4 metres, all target enjoy high purity, fine crystal grain size, full density. 

Sputtering targets Application:
1.Large area architecutre glass coating
2.Automotive glass coating
The front surface reflection (FSR) technology can avoid the ghost shadow caused by two times reflective firstly on glass surface and secondly on reflection film surface. 

Typical Materials:
Cr                     Chromium
Ti                      Titanium
Sn                     Tin
Zn                      Zinc
Ag                     Silver
Si                       Silicon
Si-Al                  Silicon-Aluminium
Ni-Cr                  Nickel-Chromium
Zn-Al                  Zinc-Aluminium
TiOx                   Titanium oxide
Please contact us to receive more information or sending us your drawings with sizes and material needed.