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Flat Panel Display

Flat Panel Display technology has transformed the way people live their everyday lives. This not only includes television screens and computer monitors, but also the vast array of mobile devices such as PDAs, smart and cellular phones, cameras, GPS systems, portable media players, etc. available in the market today.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
STN (Super Twisted Nematic)
TFT (Thin Film Transistor)
PDP (Plasma Display Panel)
OLED (Organic Light Emitting Dispay)
FED (Field Emitting Display)

Typical Materials:
Al                            Aluminium
AZO                        Alumina Doped Zinc Oxide
Cu                           Copper
In                              Indium
InSn                         Indium Tin
ITO                          Tin Doped Indium Oxide
I-ZnO                       Intrinsic Zinc Oxide
Mo                           Molybdenum
Nb                            Niobium
NbOx                       Niobium Oxide
Si                             PureSilicon
SiAl                         Aluminium Doped Silicon
TiOx                        Titanium Oxide
TiOx                         NbNiobium Doped Titanium Oxide

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